A graduate of The Manchester Film school, I specialised in cinematography, lighting and operating student films, gaining experience of managing a crew, collaborating with directors and developing my technical skills. 

Since then I have been shooting short film and music promo projects as a Director of Photography over the last three years, as an aside to my main line of work as a 2nd AC/ Clapper Loader in TV Drama and commercials. (Credits including ‘Bulletproof’ and ‘Curfew’ for Sky, 'Giri/Haji’ for Netflix and ITV's 'Victoria' amongst various other dramas and commercials).

I aim to take what I learn on the sets that I work on as an assistant, and combine that with my own approach, to build a portfolio with a strong visual style over the next few years. 

I am comfortable and experienced using a range of camera systems such as those from Arri, Red and Sony as well as smaller cameras such as the Sony a7s and gimbals such as the Ronin & Movi Pro. However I prioritise what format is right for the story over using the latest equipment for the sake of it. 

I am interested in shooting fictional projects that allow for collaboration to tell stories through the lighting, framing and movement of the camera. 

This site demonstrates all my work to date.